Issues Resolution Process

Our WorkBC Centre team inspires participants to improve their working lives through active engagement and participation within our Centre’s services. Our Team is also committed to providing a meaningful experience resulting in sustainable employment. If we have not provided you with the supports that you required, we want to learn more.

We are committed to:

  • Providing a prompt response 
  • Treating you with courtesy and respect
  • Working together to resolve your concern quickly

As a participant, you have the right to prompt confidential service. You also have the right to services that are both inclusive and accessible. If you are not happy with the services:

  • Discuss your situation with the person directly involved
  • Express your situation calmly and respectfully
  • Work together to resolve the situation

If the situation is unresolved after discussing the situation with the person directly, the formal Issues Resolution process will begin.  

All complaints and decision review requests coming from Members of Parliament or Members of the Legislative Assembly on behalf of their constituents, from the media, other ministries or from the Government of Canada, will be referred to the Ministry. The Ministry will work with the Contractor in responding to issues of this nature.