Richard Ali

Job Developer

Richard is a JD/Career Advisor at Work BC Port Coquitlam. His responsibilities range from employment coaching and support to active marketing of clients to new employers.

As an immigrant to Canada, Richard began his career within the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, transferring to BC 3 years later in 1991. Unfortunately, this industry was devastated by the events of Sep 11, 2001, which led Richard to a change of career.

He has worn many hats since 2001, first starting as a JD for four years, a short stint as a Facilitator/JD for client with (dis)abilities,  followed by five years in Settlement Services before working in Case Management until March 2019.

Richard’s hobbies are: going to movies, most summer sports, dancing (terrible but has no shame), travel and eating street food (vendors).

Richard motto is “Absolutely nothing is too important, except family and health.”